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As you probably noticed if you used a search engine to find this site, any attempt to search for 'Shergold' at any WWW search engine will return you thousands of references to the infamous Craig Shergold / Make-A-Wish Foundation postcard Internet urban legend.

Amongst all this static, these are the links to other sites mentioning Shergolds that I have found on the Web.
If you know of, or have a site that mentions Shergold guitars, email me the details and I'll give you a link...

You might also want to have a look at the Genesis Tribute Bands page to find out about people using Shergolds in the wild...
The Psychøtic Reactiøn Alex's stash of Shergolds The Psychøtic Reactiøn are a band based in Whitstable in Kent. I won't attempt to explain any more except that Alex and Gavin are avid Shergold and Hayman fans - see their really rather good website for more details.

By the way, if two of the Shergolds in Alex's group (white Modulator 12 and sunburst Masquerader 6) look a tiny bit familiar, they've tranferred into the collection since this photo was taken, as Alex ran out of space/money/hands to play so many!
Church - Hindsite Marty from Church with Shergold 12 A Shergold on the front cover of an album by group 'Church'...
...and that same Shergold (a Modulator 12) in use. Unfortunately, this one and number of Rickenbackers were stolen, and Marty is on the look out for a replacement!
Most other mentions can be found by searching for the many Genesis, 'Joy Division' and 'New Order' equipment lists on the net, as their bassist, Peter Hook, has used a six string Marathon with New Order and Bernard Sumner has used a Masquerader (these can be seen on UK TV occasionally on "Top of the Pops 2" and on "Rock Family Trees").
For more information and some screen grabs see the Joy Division/New Order page.