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Here you'll find sound samples of various Shergolds in all their settings to demonstrate the amazing versatility of these guitars - for example, the Masquerader which has fifteen combinations of settings for two pickups, compared to only five settings with three pickups on a Str*tocaster.
Shergold Masquerader
These samples were recorded using a Shergold Masquerader with a Roland GP100 effects processor ("Rock 'n Roll" patch - a basic tweed amp simulation with low distortion and a light reverb to emphasise the sound of the pickups rather than the amp). The recordings were made using Cakewalk SONAR 2 at 41Khz, and then encoded to MP3 at 96kbps.
Each sample (116Kb 0:10) repeats a phrase from the same (hopefully) familiar piece (942Kb 1:20) and demonstrates picked notes, bends and simple chords.