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Rosetti John Pearce Dulcimer
Made by Shergold (with fret boards provided by Eddie Cross) in the late 1960s as a cheap and simple musical instrument suitable for schools.
This example came from the clearance of Eddie Cross's workshop when he retired in June 2002 after many years at the centre of the British music manufacturing industry. It is in need of some gentle restoration (after all there isn't much you can do for plywood!) which it will get over the next few months. It is interesting to note the juxtaposition of the thin plywood chassis with the shaped headstock - which is itself reminiscent of Burns. Norman Houlder recalls of the construction:
"The ply we used for the sound board was expensive and hard to aquire - it was multi core aircraft ply. The backs were just a 3mm gaboon ply - quite cheap"
The Rosetti John Pearce Dulcimer
Closeup of the Burns style headstock Rear of Burns style headstock
Below are scans of the original leaflet provided with the dulcimer, so you too can learn to play "Drunken Sailor"...
Side one of the Rosetti John Pearce Dulcimer instructions
Side two of the Rosetti John Pearce Dulcimer instructions