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Detailed pictures of a Shergold rebadged version of the Rosetti Triumph are now online.
Pictures and scans of the original instruction leaflet for the Rosetti John Pearce Dulcimer are now available.
A few new bits and pieces - another different Lledo model and a "John Pearce" Dulcimer (made by Shergold - details to follow) bought from the man who contributed to practically every British guitar maker - Eddie Cross - who has now retired and was clearing out his workshop. The downside of this is that replacement control plates are going to be difficult to get when our current supply runs out.
The Shergold Club over at Yahoo doesn't look like it is going to be resurrected. So, there is now a brand new (i.e. it still has some bugs in it) Shergold Forum. This is entirely advertising free and within our control, so shouldn't disappear at the whim of a corporation...
The Shergold Club over at Yahoo is currently in limbo somewhere between being a club and a group (Yahoos action not ours). Currently, I've had no response to any queries about where it has gone to. In the meantime, please bear with us until the Club/Group reappears, or we finish setting up and testing the brand spanking new (and advertising free) forum that will be hosted right here on the Shergold site.
Ever wanted to know what date a guitar was built when you're in a music shop? Well, if you have a WAP capable mobile phone you can query the Shergold serial number database wherever you are! See the WAP information page for details...
The Shergold Guitars Homepage would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year for 2002 - and may you all find the Shergolds you are looking for!
Large work commitments and flu/bronchitis have prevented me from catching up on some of the chores around the site of late.
However I have somehow added a beautiful Marathon Eight string bass to the collection amongst all this...
Activity in the Shergold Chatroom is continuing to tick over - but we'd love more "Shergoldians" to join in! A number of the other successful Genesis Shergold bidders (now 'owners' I suppose) have already joined in and we hope the rest will follow.
Details on the Homepages Genesis purchase further delayed by a recent burst of musical creativity!
But that hasn't stopped me finding another reasonably priced Custom Masquerader, a lot closer to home than expected! (details to follow).
Activity in the Shergold Chatroom (thanks to Ian for setting this up) is picking up - but we'd love more "Shergoldians" to join in! A number of the other successful Genesis Shergold bidders (now 'owners' I suppose) have already joined in and we hope the rest will follow.
Details on the Homepages Genesis purchase slightly delayed at the moment due to cricket! But now thats over I should be getting on to doing something about the half guitar...
Also...the Editor will be meeting one of the Founders of Shergold this week, Mr Norman Houlder, to chat about his time with the company and hopefully clear up a few of those mysteries that are hanging around...
The Genesis auction on Ebay is pretty much over now - a few items that slipped through are relisted, but all the Shergolds have gone.
Amongst fierce bidding for the other lots, the homepage has managed to secure the top half six string guitar from the famous demountable double neck set relatively easily. A detailed review will appear as soon as I have it in my possession.
In the mean time a few more "normal" Shergolds have joined the homepage collection.
Genesis Auction
This is happening now on Ebay and includes a number of Shergolds previously owned by Mike Rutherford.
Expect to pay lots if you want to buy one of these...

It is very unlikely that the Homepage will end up with any of these as people will pay well over the real value of a guitar when it has been owned by a celebrity, and I prefer to spend money saving otherwise ignored Shergolds. However, if anyone wants to make a donation, you know where to send it to!

June 29th: Note to all those concerned about the future of the clip together Shergolds. These most famous of the Shergolds as reviewed for this site are not included in the Ebay sale. They are still very much owned by Mike.
Welcome to the new home of the Shergold Guitars homepage...
The main difference you'll notice is that the frames have gone - this should make navigation and bookmarking easier, as well as saving me from maintaining some strange Javascript. Also, now that the site is database enabled (using PHP and MySQL, there is fully searchable serial number database available. More new things like that are coming soon...
The Shergold Guitars homepage is on the move...
With the growing size of the site, and the need to improve the facilities offered, the Shergold Guitars homepage is going to be moving to a new service provider over the next few weeks. Hopefully, the disruption should be minimal.
Once transferred, you'll find that things look a little different and that there are some new features. I'll be working on further enhancements in the new future.
A few minor updates - I've been doing MSc coursework and preparing for a large exam on my Open University course recently, so have had limited time available...
However I have been able to revamp the Classified pages so that they are easier to use and maintain.
A load more transcripts of original reviews and brochures are up now, following the purchase of a new scanner with decent OCR software, and a new Custom Masquerader has joined the collection.
Also, check our new partner site - "The Burns Guitar Museum" - for information on a formidable collection of classic Burns guitars.
Despite the lack of recent updates I am still here - I've just be very busy with work (see the E4 website for some of whats been keeping me occupied) and study over the last couple of months.
Less updates than I'd like to have done, but MSc study and work have been sapping a lot of time. However there has been quite lot of progress on the replacement parts front with a selection of new control and scratch plates and other repair materials.
A Shergold Homepage exclusive - a detailed review of the Mike Rutherford clip-together double neck from a visit to Genesis' recording studio and equipment warehouse in Surrey!
Some updates to the serial numbers and general dating pages to catch up with some new information on those serial numbers that aren't in the specifically dated list from Shergold.
Only minor updates at the moment; some new classifieds and a better replacement for one of the Shergold TrueType fonts. I haven't had as much spare time as I'd like recently what with work and study. However, I hope to have some very important news on a exclusive in the next few weeks - watch this space...
Updates to the TV appearances page, a new Shergold web link to the Shergold toting group "The Psychotic Reaction" (well worth a visit, if like me [and them] you have a strange sense of humour), a new page of non specific links, a previously unknown guitar model, and some changes in the classifieds.
Updates to the Genesis Tribute Bands page...
Lots more pages added - no transcripts of them yet, but the scans should give some idea - Cavaliers, Masqueraders, Haymans, Rosetti, and an Australian brochure are all there.
Updates to the Classified page and the Collection and Gallery pages to include the newly acquired Modulator 12 string.
Minor updates to the Models page, a new Genesis Tribute Bands page and general maintenance elsewhere...
Minor updates to several pages including the Models and Collection pages to include the newly acquired Meteor Deluxe.
The site is now accessible as (apologies to IE4 and Netscape 4 users who will have had some problems accessing the site recently - this was caused by a script that was broken when it was changed to support the .com site) - the data is the same on both the .com and sites (it is in fact the same site), but having that elusive "dot-com" tag has a certain something, as well as improving the sites' visibility to search engines.
New features on the site are more magazine articles from 1980 of the Activator, Nu Meteor, as well as a general piece on Shergold from around the same time.
Just housekeeping updates at the moment (and a new counter), due to high workload over the new year period closely preceded and followed by bouts with colds and then flu...
The only thing of any note really, is that I've now secured the domain name (which was previously reserved, but not fully registered) to complement - the site will be the same with both domains referencing the same data. This should be up and running in the next week or so.
The old address for the page is now completely dead after six months of redirecting to the official site. Let me know if any search engines still refer to the old site - they are being very slow to pick up the "new" location.
Minor updates - no new stuff at the moment. Due to the impending Millennial period I don't expect to be doing much in the way of updates for a few weeks, as I'm likely to be working while most other people are recovering from hangovers...
A full transcript and accompanying pictures are now up for the excellent 1977 Shergold factory visit magazine article from Paul Day's archive.
Some of the new material from Paul Day's archive is beginning to appear now - transcripts of the Complete Guitar Guide reviews and the Mike Rutherford review of the Marathon Six.
Also I now have an early Masquerader in my collection.
Loads more information will be coming soon - I had a very productive visit to Paul Day earlier this month which has provided lots of new reviews, catalogues, adverts and clarifications of dates and models. Also there are some interesting new leads on some odd Shergolds such as the Cavalier / Modulator hybrid.
All this new stuff (about 30 pages of A4) will be arriving on the site as soon and as I can transcribe and/or scan them. There should be enough to keep me going for a couple of months... Then I can start on the other half of Paul's Shergold related files that I didn't take copies of! To give you some idea of whats coming, I've put in some of the new headings in the index below...
There is also first-hand information about the Activator as the one that was in Paul Day's collection is now in my collection!
Several new additions to the Classifieds page.
A source has at last been found for those elusive 6 string bass sets...
The site is now listed on and Yahoo! and Yahoo! UK and Ireland (where the site actually tops the list as the only exact category match when searching for just "shergold"!).
Apologies if you've been expecting an email reply from me over the last few weeks - it has been rather chaotic recently with work and dentistry - while the teeth are much improved now, the work continues to be a large draw on my time, so updates, answers and progress reports are likely to be a bit delayed for the next few weeks too.
Please bear with me - I will get round to everything I said I'd do.
Scans of a new mentions of Shergolds in print have been added - transcripts of the text to follow when time allows; also the first pictures of a Shergold Upright Electric bass.
Just catching up on all the minor updates, and processing the massive backlog of email I've accumulated - I don't know if its just coincidence, but since I became, the number of new email contacts has shot up...
I've finally got the screen grabs of the Shergold appearances with Joy Division and New Order onto the site.
There isn't likely to be much change on the site and email is likely to go unanswered for a week or so, as I've just had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted!
Just a few minor updates to get the appearance of a Shergold on BBC 1's "Top Of The Pops" programme into the TV page; A very nice Hayman 2020 in the Gallery; and newly found Shergold mention on the website for the group "Picasso".
Welcome to a new era for the Shergold Guitars homepage!
As you will have noticed, the old 'demon' address for the homepage now tells you to come here instead. Hopefully, being now will draw in more people who would otherwise have not bothered with trawling the search engines, and also give the site priority in the indexes, over the thousands of references to that other (in)famous Shergold...

While I was transferring it, I've taken the chance to restructure the site a bit to make maintenance easier, so let me know if any links don't work or images are missing.
Just some updated scans on the main Handouts page, scans of the E&MM article on the Modulator 12 string.
Just a few quick updates to get details of yet another acquisition online - a Nu Meteor.
Just a few quick updates to get details of my latest acquisition online - a Marathon 6 string bass.
Still a bit behind on updates - work and play have been taking priority again!
Anyway, I've added some new photos of the Activator and Marathon I'm building now that they have come back from being sprayed, as well as some new information confirming the existence of the Upright Double Bass, and the text transcript of a 1982 review of the Modulator 12.
Less updates than I'd have like to have done by now, but other pressures are taking time from the website at present - anyhow, the Module 2 circuit diagram is back having had the phasing arrangement corrected.
Apologies to all who have mailed me recently for the lack of the usual speedy response - work (the thing that pays for this obsession!) has been very hectic lately, and the last thing I wanted to do in the evenings is spend more hours staring at a computer...
Anyway, there are some minor updates around the place, and the first few adverts are in the classifieds page - this is really beginning to feel like a proper community...
Not much changed since last time (I've spent a few weeks trying to have a life away from computers!) - a few tweaks here and there, and a couple of extra bits on the two Shergold project guitars I'm putting together.
I now have almost complete factory serial number records for 1975-1980. I've emailed details to specific people who've contacted me with serial numbers. Drop me a line with the details if you think I've missed you off.
The rest of the newly found advertising material has been uploaded - transcripts of text parts to follow.
On a sadder note, an obituary for Jack Golder from 1992 is now online.
Loads more contemporary advertising material has arrived - about half of it is up, with a load of Modulator stuff to follow. Also there is now a fledgling For Sale & Wanted page as well as a small update to the New Order page.
Updates to many pages for new information received in the last couple of weeks, and a bit of redecorating with the colours - let me know if it looks awful...
HOT NEWS: The search for the Mystery Shergold is over! The Shergold Trojan makes its first offical appearance!
Also, I now have a factory fresh Marathon bass and a Stereo Module 4...
A few more original ex-stock Marathons are still available, as are some various necks and bodies - Sorry, but there is no hardware (pickups, bridges etc) left. Contact me for details...
There won't be any updates for the next week or so, and email to me probably won't get the usual speedy reply, as I'll be in Paris this week on business - anyone know any decent music shops there? ;)
More updates to the Modules page - Module 5 has finally relinquished its secrets, and I now know for certain what each switch does!. The slight numbering mistake has been corrected on the other 4 circuit diagrams, too.
Updates to the Modules page - I've finally got round to doing some circuit diagrams for the modules (4 out of 7 so far).
Also, there will hopefully be some good news on a limited quantity of genuine Shergold spare parts and serial numbers/ production dates within the next week or two - exciting stuff!
Happy New year everyone!
Hopefully 1999 will see some leaps forward in the level of access I have to key Shergold people and information - watch this space...
In the mean time, there is some newly arrived information on those close Shergold relatives - Hayman and from the same source there is some new background on Shergold itself.
Just some new-old stuff - I've been meaning to put up some scans of Shergold appearances in my Genesis Tour Programmes for some time, but haven't got round to it before...
Minor celebration! We've just gone over 1,000 hits since counting began!!!
Minor changes to many pages (mainly fixing IE3 script problems) - not much new stuff is going to arrive until after Christmas. I'm taking a long overdue holiday from all things computerised for a while...
New content arriving in the Gallery section - still a bit rough but getting there...
My identification of my latest Shergold as a Meteor seems to have been wrong! (It happens to the best of us!) I am now at a total loss about what this mystery guitar is. Anyone who has the same model, please let me know - especially if you know what it should be called!
Speculations about its origins are here.