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South Asian Tsunami Disaster
The Disasters Emergency Committee - - is an umbrella group of UK aid organisations - including ActionAid, British Red Cross, Oxfam - working to provide clean water, food and shelter to thousands.

I'm starting to make some headway on my email backlog - I'm dealing with about 20 per day which should see me back up to date by the end of this week.
I currently have a huge backlog of email, and won't be able to deal with new queries for pretty much all of October - I have been, and will be, working evenings and weekends for the rest of the month and a way beyond, in addition to assignment and exam preparation on my postgrad course. So the website has not been getting much of my attention.
I apologise if anyone feels I've been ignoring them - I can assure you it is nothing personal, but I hope you will all understand that the website is something I do in my spare time, and recently that spare time has been seriously lacking.
Any queries would probably be best directed to the Forum where other Shergolders will be only too happy to welcome you.

A big Shergold flavoured "hello" to all Guitarist magazine readers!
We have a small (but perfectly formed) mention in the letters page of the May edition (with some guy called Derek on the front) complete with a 1.5 inch square picture of the site...
Special congratulations also to our very own Norman on his first known magazine appearance in colour!
A newly found Shergold magazine feature from Beat Instrumental in 1978 is now available.
Also, please read about changes to our email usage - changes which should make your and our email safer.