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Apologies to anyone who has sent email and has expected a response over the last few weeks - I've been tied up with other things (weekend and evening working), as well as getting spammed/Sobig.F'd to bits over the last few weeks (though as a Mac user, the Sobig thing is just an annoying increase in email volume, not damaging).
Consequently, I've had to turn my automated email filtering up to "aggressive". I'll be picking through the remains this weekend to try and extract the useful stuff, now that I've tuned the filters a bit more.
The first pictures of the John Entwistle Ned Callan six string bass guitar are now in the Collection and the Gallery.
At last a Cavalier has joined the Homepage Collection.
The entry in the models page for the Cavalier has been updated with new information from this guitar, and comments and a sketch from designer Norman Houlder.
Sorry for the lack of updates and almost zero email response rate recently - ill health has made the website a low priority of late. Things should start to return to normal in the next week or so as I plough through the backlog of email.