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New Order and Joy Division Shergolds
Hooky with Eccleshall bass and Marathon 6 string behind him Hooky at Stoke Polytechnic in 1992 with white Marathon 6
Most of these pictores come from archive clips in the BBCs' "Rock Family Trees" showing a customized Masquerader being used by Barney, and a six string Marathon bass being used by Peter (one of three that he is understood to have currently), which you can also just see the headstock of behind Peters' head in this picture.
GuitarGeek has more information on the amps, effects and guitar setups used by Barney and Peter.
Thanks to Brian W for the extra info and Stoke Poly picture.

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Barney using his customized Masquerader - note the white DiMarzio pickups and F*nder style trem, and Peter using his six string Marathon bass on a "Top of The Pops" performance of "Blue Monday". He plays it more like a lead guitar than a bass, with a very synth inspired sound.
Original "Something Else"/"Rock Family Trees"/"Top of the Pops" footage pictures copyright BBC.