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Shergold Fonts
The nearest matches I have managed to find yet to the fonts used by Shergold are "Cloister Black-Light" (I used to use "Old English Gothic" but have changed to the almost identical CBL as the OEG font is not freely available) and "English 157 BT" (again I used to use plain "English" but that version caused many graphics packages to crash). These are both very good matches with only a few differences on some characters decorations.

Scratchplate Example Font Examples

"Cloister Black-Light" is used for the model names on scratchplates, anywhere the Shergold name appears on the guitar, and on the model name for modules.
"English 157 BT" is used for the additional text on scratchplates.

Download Shergold Fonts... The fonts were originally downloaded from I've put both "Cloister Black-Light" and "English" into a zip file for downloading. Watch out if you are using the 'English' font - in some programs it has a tendancy to lose the leading part of the first and last letters, and occasionally entire letters! The 'Cloister' font usually comes out a few sizes smaller than the point size suggests, as well.

I haven't yet managed to find a good match for the sans serif font used to label the controls, though Microsoft "Verdana" is pretty close.
Babani "Projects for the Electric Guitar" by John Chatwin
Shergold Meteor on "Projects for the Electric Guitar" This book from the popular (in the UK anyway - not sure about internationally) series of books for electronics in various hobby areas (music, audio, model rail and radio control especially), features a crudely drawn Shergold Meteor Deluxe on its cover.
For those who are interested in this area, the book can be ordered from Maplin Electronics in the UK, order code AN57M.
An interesting point to note is that this book was written in 1994 - more than 12 years after the last of the production Meteor Deluxes were made, so it makes an interesting choice of cover image. Obviously there is another Shergold fan out there somewhere...
Phil Collins - "In The Air Tonight" Single
Special editions of the Phil Collins single "In The Air Tonight" (from the "Face Value" album) contained a cartoon booklet (illustrated by Phil's brother) about how PC got to where he was.
This is one of the pages from the booklet - is that meant to be a Shergold that Mike is using? Well it's the not quite the right Genesis era, but who knows...