Julian Cope
Julian and double necks pictured in the Guardian Review 19th Feb 2001 (Photograph by Pete Millson) >Head Heritage Julian (former member of "Teardrop Explodes" along with "Echo and the Bunnymen" founder Ian McCullough) is perhaps now the most prominent user of Shergolds outside of tribute bands - he is certainly the most noticable! The photo above comes from an article in >The Guardian the text of which can be found in the >Guardian Unlimited archive.

For loads more on Julian >search the Guardian archive, and visit his websites >Head Heritage, and >Brain Donor.

Julian offered me these words on his approach to Shergolds...
"I'm trying to use the Shergold's Hayman and Burns heritage to de-design mine - kind of like returning an MGB with black bumpers to its earlier chrome plated roots. I find Shergold guitars exceptionally rocking, but also great looking once the natural wood and overly conservative details have been slightly re-fashioned. I understand the desire to keep 'em original, but me I need to have over-the-top instruments (even had one of my Mellotron 400s refinished in fluorescent orange!)."
Julian with gold sparkle 6/4 Custom Double Julian now fronts the band >"Brain Donor" which prominently features 6/12 and 6/4 Custom Doubles refinished in a (suprisingly) effective silver/blue and gold sparkle respectively. Julian also has a six string Masquerader finished in the classic L*s P*ul "Gold Top" colour - very nice. The refinishes were carried out by Mick Deering at >Classic Finishes, who has also carried out work for us. The refinished bodies are then completed with a single piece pearloid control/scratch plate (tortoise shell on the gold 6/4), using all the original electronics and without any alteration to the woodwork - other customisers take note!
Some of Julians Shergolds (and a Mosrite) at home
The silver/blue Custom Double 6/12 features large in the inside front cover of the booklet for the "LAMF Ambient Metal" CD and includes a credit the likes of which has not been seen for a long time!

LAMF Ambient Metal Back where we belong!
Silver/blue Custom Double 6/12 featured in the inside front cover of LAMF

Many thanks to Julian for the pictures that appear on this page, and the spare bits!