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Hayman Serial Numbers 1970-1973
Front cover of the original records ledger book
The original Hayman production records for all models produced from October 1970 to June 1973.
Serial numbers covered are five digit numbers begining with "40" (40nnn) and later four digit numbers beginning with "5" (5nnn).
From July 1973 to the end of production (into 1975) Hayman used a third serial number system, where the year of production is given by the last two digits of a six or seven digit number (e.g. nnnnn74).
The "Notes" column in a result shows any publicly visible notes that were hand-written in the ledger against the number either in the margin or in the front or back leaves of the ledger. We have excluded some of those from public access as they contain information such as people's (presumably the customer) full names.
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