Shergold Collection
2000 Shergold Marathon fretless four string bass
Bare Marathon body
Bare shaped body
The body starts as a rough sanded, thick two piece (probably swamp ash) shaped slab.
Assembled by me from a bare unfinished body and finished neck bought from the last of the factory remainder. The pickup, bridge and scratchplate are original parts begged and bartered from several guitar repairers' parts bins that just needed a light reconditioning. The control panel and truss rod cover are replicas made by Eddie Cross (who made them originally, so are they really replicas?) and all the electrics are either new old stock or new parts where still available to the same specifications.
The finish is a dark cherry burst and is the same process as used by Shergold - this was done by Mick Deering of Classic Finishes in Denmark Street.

Acquired by the Collection in September 2000