Shergold Collection
1980 Shergold Modulator six string bass
A great bass this one - the flexibility of the Modulator with the sound of the six string bass. The balance and comfort of the bass is better than the Marathon six string, with the slightly larger body and longer top horn countering the pull of that massive headstock.
This one came fitted with Module 5, and only required a little work on the electronics (the bridge pickup was incorrectly wired) to get it fully operational.
The colour is an unusual variation - a dark plum/maroon/brown that is very difficult to describe, and to photograph.
It was previously owned by Tim Burtonwood of The Bodines, and there is an unconfirmed suggestion that Tim may have acquired it from Peter Hook around the time that the Bodines toured Canada with New Order in 1986.

Acquired by the Collection in May 2002