Shergold Collection
1976 Shergold Modulator six string guitar
A real honey of a guitar - great for bluesy and clean amp sound playing. Not so good for screaming long sustain distortion as the pickups don't put out huge amounts of power. But put in module 3, push the switches to the neck pickup and the 'Solo' setting, and just listen to it sing! Push the switches the other way and it instantly turns into a classic wirey T*lecaster sound. The neck is particularly good on this one - Shergolds in general have some of the best necks going, but this one is outstanding.
The frets up at the headstock end have large flats worn into them from many years of frequent use, but this does nothing to harm the feel, in fact it feels just about bedded in now. As an aside, the neck has some nice birds eye figuring in the maple on the back of the neck where nobody is likely to see it. Jack Golder was never one to use wood for its aesthetic properties when it was the right size for something practical (God bless him!).
The body finish is not great, with chips, typical Shergold cracks and scratches aplenty but seems to be improving with age and taking on a deeper colour.
This was the first Shergold to join the Collection, bought in 1994 from a St. Albans (Middlesex, UK) dealer for £125.
It can be seen on the front page of the site with one of its creators, Norman Houlder - reunited after 25 years.

Acquired by the Collection in January 1994