Shergold Collection
1981 Shergold Marathon Mark 2 four string bass
A lovely example of what Shergold were beginning to make at the height of their production, cut short by a downturn in the guitar market. It has a standard Marathon shape single piece mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck that is (and this is the most unusual part for a Shergold) glued to the body instead of being held by the usual four screws and a neck plate.
Detail of the glued neck heel on the Mk.2 As a result of this change in construction and the abandonment of the pseudo-stereo split pickup of the standard model, the sounds from this bass are very different. The higher body mass gives more sustain; the glued neck mellows the tone; and the 16 pole pickup (as fitted in pairs to the Modulator basses) gives more power. This is a very respectable bass that answers most criticisms of the earlier marks.
The question is this: why didn't Shergold make or sell more of this type? I think they had a winner on their hands here, that with a few cosmetic changes (selected wood tops, more contouring of the still slab sided body, and a more substantial bridge) would be right up there with Wal or any of the other small run UK manufacturers.

Acquired by the Collection in July 2001