Shergold Collection
1991 Shergold Limited Edition Masquerader six string guitar
Aside from the engraved scratch plate, this guitar would easily pass for a mid-1980s Custom Masquerader with the elaborately laminated centre section of the body - 10 separate pieces of timber form the body!
What makes this guitar special though is the scratch plate - it is engraved from the face rather than screen printed from the reverse, and bears the 'LIMITED EDITION' text. Along with the serial number this places the guitar as one of those produced in 1991 when Jack Golder decided that the world was once again ready for Shergold guitars.
It plays as well as any other Masquerader and all the sounds are the same, but it is a key piece of Shergold history - within a year Jack would have died and with him went the last of the crop of British makers founded from the 1960s.
The condition is good - the finish has minimal cracking, some of the white paint laid into the scratch plate engraving has flaked out, and there is a screw hole in the lower body horn where it was slung left handed at some point in the 11 years between being built and "coming home".

Acquired by the Collection in November 2002