Shergold Collection
c.1981 Shergold Custom Double 6/12
A great one to impress people with this! Or maybe that should be intimidate?
This guitar requires a large strap and very sturdy fixings (such as StrapLoks) or it will almost inevitably end up forcing its way out of the strap and taking a sudden nose-dive.
This guitar is a superb writers tool - being able to switch between 6 or 12 string at the flick of a switch is a lot less disrupting than all that switching around single neck guitars. That said, while it is actually very well balanced and suprisingly comfortable, it is quite heavy and will test your shoulders to the limit. If you intend to use one of these for extended periods get a very broad strap (Mike Rutherfords strap on his double is about 8 inches (20cm) wide!) and put your osteopath on retainer!
The sounds are a little softer than the single neck variants, but the twelve string punches out a lot of power to make up for this, and with a little more sustain thanks to the increased mass of the body.

Acquired by the Collection in September 1994