Shergold Collection
1978 Shergold Cavalier six string guitar
The Cavalier is a bit of a dark horse. While overshadowed for obvious rarity by it's cousins the Activator and the Mark 2 Masquerader and Marathon, these are actually almost as rare - officially recorded output for these and those examples known of put the number made at less than 40.
And that rarity is a real shame - this is a great guitar. With a full length extension to the neck providing a perfect connection to both ends of the strings from nut to bridge, the guitar really resonates and has a bright, punchy tone only present on the later Shergold models where the centre laminations provide a more stable tone mass than obeche. Norman Houlder talks more about the motivations behind the design in the details about the Cavalier over here.
The condition is generally good - the one weak spot in the design is that there is a only a thin strip of body timber providing the tenon for the neck and finger board, and the front edge of the neck pickup. On this guitar there is a grain following crack across that piece - however because of the neck design, this is not a tone carrying area as it would be in a normal bolt on neck, so the sound is unaffected.
This guitar is quite well travelled too - I reimported it from Germany!

Acquired by the Collection in March 2003