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News updated: 19th March 2013; Content updated: 19th March 2013
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Why am I, and a lot of other normally sane people, so enthusiastic about Shergolds?
"The Shergold set-up is aggressively British. The Company was established by two craftsmen, experts in their respective fields who were to an extent frustrated by building a wide variety of guitars under trade names. They decided, in popular jargon, to do their own make instruments which would embody the results of their comprehensive prove that "Britain can make it" and at a price which will benefit the consumer."
The opening paragraph from a contemporary Shergold advertising leaflet; With so few modern guitars having any real individual character, or being pale imitations of 1950s designs, I think those few lines say it all...
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A few words from the Editor...
Thanks for stopping by at the Shergold website. I hope you will find everything you wanted to know about Shergolds, but couldn't find anyone to ask...
This site is the only guide on the web (or anywhere else for that matter) to these classic British relics from the 70's.
You won't find any "under construction" logos around here, as I don't expect this site to ever be truly "finished" - bookmark this page and come back regularly, as more content will arrive as more people contact me, and I get my hands on more Shergolds and snippets of information.
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